Chronicles of a Traveling Chef

When I left Whole Foods Market over ten years ago, I somehow knew that people would eventually want the kind of multi ethnic, plant forward cuisine that I have been creating for decades. I took a massive leap of faith when I left right after writing the Whole Foods Market Cookbook.

I just never dreamed that over the next decade I would be so busy working with interesting clients throughout the mainland of our country, Hawaii, and Canada. These past few years especially have brought me to places I’ve always wanted to visit.  Although I’ve always been sort of a travel junkie, as I age my craving to experience other cultures has intensified and I’m feeling fortunate that I am able to have a profession where exploring new ethnic corridors, travel, food, and constant learning new culinary ideas merge. This alignment of purpose continues and I wanted to share some recipes which I’ve picked up over the last year that has become favorites.

I am admittedly terrible at contributing to my own website and I appreciate all the requests which friends send me for recipe ideas. I also appreciate Patti my web developer for constantly hitting me over the head to do so. As many of you know I wrote a weekly recipe, and lifestyle column for the Chicago Tribune for over 15 years,  which forced me into being current with new food inspiration to share, so I will try and turn a leaf and continue this spirit if there is demand. If you have requests or comments please share and again thank you. I hope some of these recipes become favorites of your family as well. These recipes are from recent work experience in Oahu, doing a cooking class for a huge fitness conference in Las Vegas and finally my last visit to UMass where I teach once a year.