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22nd Annual Tastes of the World Culinary Conference

I was again honored to appear as a guest chef at the UMASS campus this week for the 22nd Annual Tastes of the World Culinary Conference. This is a conference which is limited to 350 chefs from around the country that are in charge of college campus  dining. College...

Produce Goes Global

Look to regions like the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia and Latin America for flavor inspiration around veg-centric traditions The veg-centric movement continues to grow exponentially as chefs seek new ways to create craveability around produce-focused menu items. The...

Eating Negril

There’s a “food democracy” in Negril I’ve not foundanywhere else on Jamaica. Perhaps that’s why this easygoing beach town is my sweet spot, the epicenter of everything culinary on my favorite Caribbean island. It’s the simplicity, the almost hedonistic environment, of...

Great Greens

When you hear the phrase "cooked greens," do you think "cooked to death"? Do you envision a big pot of greens boiled with bacon, fatback, or ham hocks until the texture is mushy and the nutritional value long-gone? Not if I've ever cooked for you. Prepared the way I...

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